A New Year

I like to take a moment before the clock strikes twelve and before something ends and another begins. 
No matter how up and down any year has been, I usually leave it feeling good feels and am ready for the next.

2017 has been a year full of speed bumps and brick walls in both the personal and I found Lucy. life. And undoubtly they effect each other they are both connected. 

So while I sit here in the mid summer Australian heat and I thought I would share my gratitude and salute my efforts with a good ol' pat on the back.

​I am happy to conclude that as far as my 'branding journey' goes, I can leave the year behind feeling like I believe in what it has to say. And finallllyyy I have climbed over the walls that kept coming building themselves in front of my goals. Of course, here's to many more to come. 

Other achievements along the way have happily led to the inclusiveness of a motto for the brand. A brand #hashtag which I think depicts exactly what I need and I have no doubts it can resonate with at least one of you.

Its a mouthful but its perfect.
I found Lucy. also had the delightful experience of dressing one of her dear muses.
French singer/songwriter and philosophy major Petite Meller was photographed in Hollywood by Joshua Shults in her own I found Lucy. hand embellished tulle dress.

As the year came to and end, a handful of new and exciting collaborations and exposures had been organised, in locations such as Los Angeles, Hawaii, Florida, the United Kingdom and France! So please keep your eyes wide and ready for some great works coming together.

I really have a sweet spot for collaborations. The excitement of the garments travelling around the world and playing different roles and different characters. Not only does the brand have the opportunity grow and make some new creatively talented relationships, but I get to see what they see in I found Lucy. 
I am shown a different perspective and how they are styled as well as the potential for different stories they are able to tell. 

So this year is going to be about continuing to spread the feminine cheer and bringing like minded girls (and guys!) together as I friggen love learning from and sharing with others what I know and have experienced.
We all relate in so many ways and you'd think I would know this by now, but I still experience many tingles of delight as 1 come to realise it again and again.

To a year of unapologetic creativity, cleverness, love, bravery and femininity. 

​x Lucy

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