A personal thought

For the many times I have been asked what I do or about my label,
I always seemed to trip and fumbled with my words and respond with something like
"Um like women's clothing, like super feminine...?"
And usually walk away wishing they hadn't been so nosy.... 
But the reason is, though my label has possibly been saying the same thing to everyone, I felt like I hadn't decided what and how I wanted it to be categorised.
Through my research I always found the same big and basic categories that included rules for each. Such as fashion fashion, or haute couture etc.
The idea of rules interfering with my creativity have taken many years  for me to get over.
I am a stubborn entrepreneurial artist. 
Then I found this amazing page that gave me some new found hope. Labels and definitions for the artists that have written the stories I love. 
I found Lucy. to me has always been a character. Yes she has been a part of me, but the part of me I can envision and describe in a medium of art and garment. 
She is the optimist. Without mistaking the her to be associated with the naivety. 
She is clever, and she has chosen the optimism.
She believes in shining the light in the dark. She gives herself little gifts for her own bravery. 
She hopes that light in her thoughts, words and actions brightens the people around her. 
The optimism is chosen carefully, and in full acknowledgement that the day doesn't always work out. 
But why not hope and dream that it can?
x Lucy 

I found Lucy. twirl tulle skirt

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