Graphic Designer + Illustrator - Tiffany Fishleigh, 23, UK

I found Lucy. + Tiffany Fishleigh collaboration image

•Where are you from?
Originally, I grew up in a small little country side in Devon, called Bideford. I moved to Plymouth at the age of 19 to study for my BA (Hons) Fashion Degree. I have only recently moved to Sheffield to study for my Master's Degree in Fashion Management and Communication.  

•When and how did you begin an interest in art and illustration? 
I have drawn ever since I can remember! My first illustration I can remember doing was of the little mermaid and I was only 6 years old and I remember my mum being stunned of how well I drew her, she has kept the drawing ever since. I find drawing so therapeutic and I like to do as much of it as I can in my spare time.  
•What do you usually try to say with your work? 
I think from growing up into a world of fashion I have always loved drawing fashion illustrations but only recently have put my work out there using social media. Usually I will draw something I find a little bit different and out there, something that has a purpose, or sometimes I just like to draw interesting fashion icons for fun.  
•What does your creative process usually involve? 
Originally, I began like anybody else, pen to paper, however over the past years I have been creating my illustrations using Photoshop and Illustrator. I was inspired to try this format whilst on my fashion course, it would help me to design a line up quickly and effectively, from then onward I continued to develop my skills using these software programs to create more effective and detailed artwork.  However, I do own an easel and some acrylic paints and do love to paint from time to time.  
•What is your favourite piece of work so far? 
Still to this very day I love my Twiggy illustration that I drew in pencil around 6 years ago now, (you can probably find it if you scroll far enough down through my Instagram pageI think that’s when I really realised that I had a talent for drawing, although recently I would defiantly have to say my favourite pieces would have to be the I Found Lucy illustrations I have been working on.  
•What did you like about working with I found Lucy.? 
I loved the fact that I was given such lovely interaction and support through their Instagram. I actually came across I Found Lucy through an image I found on Pinterest, from that I decided to have a peek at their online platform and instantly fell in love! From then onwards I have been so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to illustrate for them and will continue to do so.  
•Name some of your favourite things. 
DUCKS! Random I know, but ducks would have to be my number one favourite thing, I would love to one day have my very own as a pet. Another would be my all-time classic; Gordon's elderflower cooler, great for the summer weather. Other things such as quirky vintage clothing, London Grammar and Watermelon are also a few of my favourite things. 
•What inspires you? 
My inspiration comes from a variety of different things. It could be current or past trends, fashion editorials or finding new creatives on Pinterest or Instagram. I have become a massive digital addict, any free time I have I will be glued to my computer designing away. I also like to go back a re-work some of my old illustrations to see the progress I have made over the years developing my skills.   
•Describe yourself. 
If I was to be direct I would describe myself using three words which would be, highly driven, confident and quirky.  
•Describe your work and your muse/s. 
I would say my style of work is very animated, based on realistic pieces of work. I enjoy using bold and vibrant colour choices within my work. It can take a long time for people to find their creative style, don’t get me wrong it took me a long time to figure out mine but after much experimentation throughout my uni years I finally found my cartoony graphics style. 
•What are your creative goals for present and future? 
Right now, I am going to focus on my course and learn the business side to the world of fashion. However, during this time, I am looking to collaborate with more creatives and produce illustrations for them. Right now, it's just about getting myself out there. In the near future I would like to produce an online shop which will sell a mixture of prints, stationary, clothes, you name it, which will have my illustrations on them 

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