The I found Lucy. light began when Lucy was 15 years old. She had always spent most of her time sketching or painting, or crafting and sewing having been taught to hand sew, knit, croquet, embroider from a young child. 

She remembers doing the cross stitch and rose bud embroidery when she was in Czech Republic in 2001 when she was nine years old, which still has a place framed on her family's mantle piece.

She remembers making a bag on the her mum's old Janome out of a bright blue chenille bedspread. 
Lucy decorated everything with illustration, which was greatly encouraged and expected at her school (Waldorf Education) and admits that it is what helped her scrape her grades to an average...
Lucy also kept journals from when she could first write, beginning with 'Dear Diary, today I ...' that soon became a place to confide and untangle her thoughts and emotions. She is a strong believer in self progress and inner wisdom, which is why the brand holds alot of depth to her. 
Fashion has always been a huge part of her being and personality. So naturally her drawings of girls eventually became about what they were wearing. 

Lucy would start and finish a thousand projects that would spring to her mind, or make her jump out of bed. 
They are the things that taught her how to drape and sew garments from scratch. Up until she was 19, she had only used one 'real' pattern before. And the end result of that jacket is still folded up in the cupboard somewhere. I found Lucy. original designs clothing image I found Lucy. original garments and designs lookbook image I found Lucy. original lookbook clothing image
Lucy began finishing off garments and with her school friend Ingela Furustig, begun her life as a self taught designer. The images from then are still a huge inspiration and reminder to her about what the brand is about and is trying to say. Especially when it is so easy to get swept away and intimidated by the fast movement and vastness of the fashion industry. 

Upon her graduation from High school she completed and Independent Research Project. This involved a practical element and a written.  The project spread out over a year and resulted in her first collection and a written journal of her progress and process of understanding herself as a human, an artist and a designer. This is when the label's name came to be. After brainstorming with friends using words like  'child's dream', 'seeking' + 'looking and finding'.

Following her graduation she continued to teach herself new things that progressed its way to where she is today. The  logo was designed and ordered thus making things official. 

Lucy has had her one-of-a-kind garments stocked in Brisbane and she has fulfilled custom orders for varies clients and friends as well as custom orders for a boutique in Tokyo. 

The brand has been collaborated with Australian bloggers and international photographers and publications. 
Its one of her favourite and conclusive parts to her creative process, seeing what other creatives see and feel from her brand, and seeing what they create with them.

This year is focused on branding and building her team. Everything is currently done in her little studio and she plans for control of her brand to remain under one roof.

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