Oh Darling, Be Mine #BTS

The Baby Down top -

I found Lucy. sheer white top close up image

This collection was first and foremost inspired by the collaboration with Hana Haley in Brooklyn NY.
I fell in love with the film shots of Sebastian in a forest setting and by a lake with swan.
I just love how the garments were worn and contrasted with the surroundings and on Sebastian with her willowy form and pink short hair.
I toyed with titles for the new collection – “By the Lake” or “Meet you there”
All depicting the moment and mood of a girl and her feelings and desires.
 Or the sentiment and the tingles of the memories shared or the approaching moments TO be had.
She is there, feeling the warmth or seeing the colour, and experiencing it alone for just a moment.
I also wanted to include some ‘solid’ pieces in this collection and am sooo in love with what has come to be. 
Bright daffodil Yellow and Powdery sky blue.
Tied together with the white of a swan’s feather.

 Of course the garment titles are always part of my process too. I find words so powerful and as a writer and visual artist I like to bring them together. They are my tiny love letters.
I found Lucy. Daphne Girl product title image
I found Lucy. For Love product title image
I found Lucy. I am Yours product image title
The pieces can be styled up or down but basically worn everywhere and are hopefully now your new favourites too.

x Lucy

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