Photographer -Victoria Zeoli, 26, US

I found Lucy. + Victoria Zeoli interview

•Where are you from? 
Orlando, Florida

•When and how did you begin taking photographs? 
I took a black and white film class my first year in high school and fell in love!

•What do you usually try to say with you images? 
Usually every set of images is a story. Often I use various mythology and create a story of my own.

•Do you think you take photographs to preserve or to reveal? 
Somewhere in between, I love to reminisce and capture memories, I love to look back on photos as time passes and remembering where I was at in my art and in my life. I also use photography to reveal messages or emotions.

•What is your favourite image you have taken? 
Off the top of my head, this polaroid I took of Melanie Gaydos. On a whim I got this pink dress and close to where we met up to shoot was a pink house and pink flowers blossoming on the tree next to it. It felt divine at the time.

•What did you like about working with I found Lucy.? 
The quality and creativity! Every piece was so elegant and beautifully crafted. The delicate details were so incredibly beautiful!

•Name some of your favourite things. 
Flowers, space, children, cats, vintage.
•What inspires you? 
So many different things! Sometimes a song, sometimes people, a place, I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. I try and keep my mind open.

•Describe yourself. 
I'm a creator and young mother to a boy named Wolf, I have green hair and a fat orange cat named Meatloaf.

•How do you balance your Creative self and being a mother?
I think being a mother has actually helped me keep an imaginative eye in my work. Being around a child and watching him learn and grow has in turn made me grow in my own perspective.

•Describe your work and your muse/s. 
I aspire for my work to feel dream like, and my muses to be characters of another world.

•What are your creative goals for present and future? 
Right now I am going back to school to hopefully learn more of the technical side of photography. I never want to stop growing in my career. In the future I would like for my work to be a lot more mixed media based.
Thank you. It was an incredible pleasure working with you!

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