I found Lucy. is happy to officially dedicate this page to custom inquiries!
Here we offer the opportunity for anyone who wants something a little bit (more) special and unique. 

How is works:
Tell us what item you have seen on our instagram feed that may have caught your eye and may like to customise. 
We are happy to source different colours or printed versions of the materials used in the original you have seen. 
eg. If you adore our Frida Prairie dress but would prefer it in black or with polka-dots we are happy to see what we can find as long as it is also a similar weight and composition. 
We also accept custom text applique like as seen on our 'How Beautiful' skirt.

This is wonderful because you may find some of our pieces to be your absolute go-tos, so why not have your own range in all your favourite colours/prints, because after all, YOU know what suits and makes you feel your best!

For all formal, prom or bridal enquiries, please note that extra design/material/time may be needed to make your amazing pieces come to life from scratch. Costs and time frames will be added upon final design confirmation.

Simply fill out the form including the original garments name (if you have seen something you like from our Instagram, your size, your custom desires and hopeful date of delivery.